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Susato, Tielman / Klemke, Peter / Fuchs, W.: MUSIC FROM DANSERYE 1551
Arranged for marimba Quartet and Rhythm Instruments (2 players) by W. Fuchs and Peter Klemke.
Score and parts

Version for Marimba Duo and Rhythm Instruments also available.

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Tielman Susato (ca. 1510 - after 1570)
"Music from Danserye 1551" - enchanting dance music from the Renaissance by the Flemish composer.

Some scholars have indicated that Susato was born in the Westphalia in todays Germany - in the town of Soest. His professional life was however spent in Flandern. He was known as an eminent musician on wind instruments and a publisher of music.
He is considered to have started the first music press in the Netherlands.

In 1551 he published a collection of dance music known later as "Danserye". Many pieces from this collection have been later popular in arrangements for recorder, for ensembles of wind/brass instruments.

Susato seems to have served later in Sweden , and the last known sign of him dates from the year 1570.






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