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Ravel, Maurice (1875 - 1937) / Sadlo, Peter: MA MÈRE L´OYE (Mother Goose)
Edition for 2 percussion and Piano 4 hands by Prof. Peter Sadlo.

Study / Performance Score (4)

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This work was originally written by Ravel as a piano duet, - and a solo piano version came out in 1910. Both piano versions bear the subtitle "cinq pièces enfantines" (five children´s pieces) named as follows. In 1911 Ravel made a ballet piece of this work which was first performed in 1912.

  1. Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant (Pavane of the sleeping beauty)
  2. Petit Poucet (Little Tom Thumb)
  3. Laideronette, Impératriuce des pagodas (Little ugly girl, empress of the pagodas)
  4. Les entretiens de la Belle et la Bete (Conversation of Beauty and the Beast)
  5. Le Jardin féerique (The Fairy Garden)
Ravel orchestrated this work in 1911, - and a year after axpanded it into a ballet adding new movements and interludes.

Professor Sadlo´s edition is recorded on CD 439 867-2 Deutsche Gramophone: Percussion: Peter Sadlo and Edgar Guggeis / piano: Marta Argerich and Nelson Friere.






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