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Jean Piché (Canada)

Jean Piché (b. 1951) is a composer who has developed into a video artist over the past few years.
In his beginning as an electroacoustic composer in the 1970s, he was one of the very first Canadian to emply the then emerging digital audio technologies. He has produced works in every genre of electroacoustics for mixed and acousmatic to live-electronics. His works aims for poetic expression beyond any sort of formalism.
As a teacher at the Université de Montréal since the late 1980´s, he has nurtured a number of young in to delivers careers in new media and music.

We welcome his brilliant work STEAL THE THUNDER to our publishing house.
Probably his most performed work, Steal the Thunder seems to be in the repertoire of every tympanist in the mood for a challenge.

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For Tympany, Small Gongs and Tape (1 player).
Composed 1984 and commissioned by Salvador Ferreras and the Vancouver New Music Society with the assistance of the Canada Council.
Dur.: 11'16".

4 or 5 Tympani
2 Chinese Opera Gongs
1 Stainless Steal Salad Bowl
1 Large Gong (damped with duct tape)
1 pair Soft Felt Mallets (cartwheel)
1 pair Hard Yarn (Good Vibes Lionel Hampton)

The tape part is recorded on an enclosed CD.

Score and CD

PS! A downloadable computer audio file with a better sampling rate (48K9 and a better bit depth (24bits) may also be downloaded from the composers website.
Kindly contact the composer on

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