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Leon Milo (USA)

Composer and percussionist, b. 1956, received his Master of Music degree from the Juilliard School in 1980, he worked as percussionist and timpanist in orchestras such as The Los Angeles and Oslo Philharmonic, Jerusalem Symphony as well as numerous ensembled.
Major studies in composition were with Professor Leonard Stein, William Kraft and with Luciano Berio and Jacob Druckman.
In 1990, he received a Fulbright Fellowship for composition study in Paris. His works have been presented the world over and include instrumental and electroacoustic music for the concert hall, dance, film, television, radio, public sound installations and museums.
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Photo: Nicolas Salie

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Milo, Leon: SHINUI
For Marimba Solo.
Dur.: 5'30".
Published for the first time 1986 by Leisure Planet Music (USA).
Rights assigned to Norsk 2008.

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