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Born in 1926 in Kalisz, spent his childhood in Lódz. At the age of five, he started learning music, continuing this education in cello class in Music Conservatory in Lódz till the outbreak of the war. As a Home Army´s soldier he took part in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 and after its defeat he was imprisoned by the German in Stalag XB in Sandbostel. In 1945 he came back to Lódz, where his family resided. He started studies at Lódz University (history and anthropology) and in the State Higher School of Music in the same city (cello and conducting). At the same time he worked as cellist in Lódz Philharmonic Orchestra.
In most of his life he has been a musician and conductor. After Lódz he first worked in the Warsaw Opera as a cellist, while studying conducting. In 1950 he had his first concert as guest conductor in Kraków, where he was emplyed. 1954-57 he worked as second conductor in the State Philharmonic Orchestra in Poznan. In 1957 he took the post of director and artistic coordinator of the State Philharmonic Orchestra in Szczecin. In 1978 he organised the Philharmonic Orchestra in Walbrzych, of which he was chief manager and artistic director until 2005.
As guest conductor he has performed with all Polish philharmonic orchestras. He has conducted in more than twenty countries. In 1968 he started composing; his works have been thus far performed in fourteen countries. He is an author over 70 music fairytales for pre-school children. His activities have often been rewarded. He is a holder of more than twenty awards, prizes and medals.

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Wilkomirski, Józef: CONCERT SUITE
For Marimba and Chamber Orchestra.
Inspired by H. C. Andersen´s Fairy Tales.
Dedicated to Katarzyna Mycka.

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